Occupancy rate of hotels in Macau drops to 11% due to COVID-19

Occupancy rate of hotels in Macau drops to 11% due to COVID-19

Occupancy rate of hotels in Macau drops to 11% due to COVID-19
Courtesy/News Source: macauhub.com.mo

The average rate of occupancy of hotels in Macau is currently 11.8%, far below the average of 90.8% established in 2019, said the director of the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO).

Helena Senna Fernandes said on Tuesday at a press conference that the tourism sector is almost at a standstill due to the epidemic of COVID-19.

“There are no external excursions to visit Macau, nor from Macau to the outside and, with the exception of a group travelling to Japan in March, there are practically no excursions to and from Asia and those still in place to Europe are minimal,” said the director of the MGTO.

Senna Fernandes said that Macau had never recorded such low occupancy in its hotels, not even during the SARS epidemic in 2003.

According to the MGTO director the average price of a hotel room currently stands at 690 patacas (US$86).

After a being closed for a few weeks, the majority of the hotels in Macau have reopened, with the exception of 13 establishments, with a total of 1,543 rooms, including the St. Regis, Conrad and the 13.

Macau has 123 hotels with 38,000 rooms.

The director of the MGTO said it was impossible to predict the future, considering the epidemic, but gave assurances that studies were underway to allow for the recovery of tourism in Macau as soon as the outbreak comes to an end.

“Since I started working in the tourism sector (1992) I have never seen such a low number of tourists,” she admitted.

Senna Fernandes also said the Macau International Travel Expo, originally scheduled for April, had been postponed until September. She also admitted the possibility of the Macau International Firework Festival, which takes place from September, being cancelled.

Before the outbreak of the epidemic, Macau received a daily average of 99,000 visitors, mostly from Mainland China. (macauhub)